It’s best to install new water faucets near existing interior water lines, but your overall concern should be to consider your main need for outside faucets. Bring us in early to help. Call today: (253) 475-8440 or (360) 528-8026.

We search first in basements and crawl spaces under homes. We look for both cold water pipes and hot water pipes. If you are only looking for watering plants then cold water will do, but if you’ll be cleaning up or Washington car, then you might want both. We will need to know what you intend with the new water outlets. Will you be working in the garden, watering plants, washing cars or washing up after yard work. If your intended area of need is some distance from your home, then trenching and laying pipe might be required.
No matter where your work area is located, however, it’s best if we can install a shut off valve inside the home to make winterizing easier. But turning off the valve inside the home and opening the faucets on the exterior of the home, water can be drained thereby eleminating most freezing worries. If a turn-off valve is not used then we recoomend frost-free outdoor faucets (also called a sillcocks) for each exterior faucet.

Have you ever had to carry buckets of water from your shower or bathtub outside to wash the car? Have you ever been working in the yard and thought how much nicer it would be to clean yourself up a little bit before tracking much of the backyard into your home? Exterior faucets can make life easier for you.We take precautions both during installation and afterwards to complete caulking and insulation steps to keep cold air from seeping into your home.

Here are some of the Benefits of Exterior Faucet Installation:

  • You won’t need extra long garden hoses and connectons
  • You can use hot water to clean your car, your mower, your windows without using a bucket brigade
  • You can set up a drip system for your vegetable and flowers
  • You could lay the groundwork for an in-the-ground sprinker system
  • You could connect water to a green house
  • You could provide cold or hot water to a travel trailer or camper

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