Deals & Specials

Fast and easy, we can help you extended payments are only a few clicks away. We will work with you to create a payment plan, and you will find administering the payments a breeze. Centralized around a firm commitment to excellence in customer service, we help make the payment process stress free.


At Bob Larson Plumbing we strive to give every customer the same quality and professional service every time, but for those who want a little extra, we offer the Bob Larson Plumbing Advantage Program. By signing up for the advantage program you can save up to an additional 10% on all your plumbing needs. You’ll save money and still receive the same great service you’ve come to expect from Bob Larson Plumbing.

  • All of your toilets are checked and tested for leaks. Any need adjustments are performed for FREE
  • All of your exposed water lines are checked for damage and/or corrosion
  • All of the piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks are checked for any signs of water damage
  • All sink drains will be checked above and below sinks for any leaks or clogs
  • The crawlspace will be visually inspected for water/sewer leaks, standing water, etc
  • Washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly checked and tested
  • Water pressure is checked to make sure you’re not risking damage to water supply piping, appliances and fixtures
  • You will receive one (1) free half gallon of Bio-One, a natural drain treatment that can keep drain lines clean – our technician will treat your drains while he is there and again when we return to perform your annual home inspection
  • Your gas meter is checked for earthquake preparedness and leaks
  • Drain/flush water heater **if up to code

Our professional technicians are fully licensed and bonded. They are trained in the latest technology and techniques handling all your plumbing concerns. Whether it is a leaking faucet, new plumbing fixtures, or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, Bob Larson Plumbing is your best choice.

Advantage Program is only $190 +tax or $15 per month– Please contact the office by phone or email to get more information for signing up!


Safe and sanitary plumbing is important in any economic climate, even in one like we are experiencing right now. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your family’s safety by avoiding plumbing issues.

  • Inspect gas piping system for leaks
  • Visually inspect venting and combustion air piping systems
  • Inspect and test igniter
  • Inspect and clean flame sensor
  • Descale heat exchanger (only if isolation valves are installed)
  • Check carbon monoxide levels in air stream
  • System tune-up and inspection

Because we know how tough times are right now, Bob Larson Plumbing is offering a $250 +tax or $19 per month

– Please contact the office by phone or email to get more information for signing up!


  • Visually inspect and vacuum burner on boiler
  • Test pressure relief valve
  • Check for proper operation and limit safeties
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Inspect accessible gas piping
  • Inspect accessible system piping
  • Inspect visible venting and combustion air
  • Oil pumps or motors as necessary

Boiler Service is $334 +tax or $27 per month